Kicking the Habit, one Step at a time...

By OlubusOla Olufemi

I arrived back home from my Nigerian trip 10 pounds heavier than I left home. I already knew because I was feeling heavy and uncomfortable in my body and spirit. I just don't know the problem with me and motherland; I always get really dark from the following day I arrive and then get really puffy or bloated even if I eat only fruits. So I began to eat at odd hours because of the time difference and guess what? Mr. Stephen was eating with me. Then on the second day I came, he asked if I was starved this much in Nigeria because I've never had this strong relationship with food. Then he asked if this is the reason I added on this much weight. I looked at him and said; "did you just call me fat?" He looked back and said; "did I say anything with a F at the front?" Then I looked back and said; "is that why you stylishly slept off yesterday? You thought I was about to jump on you and you were scared of my weight?" He looked at me and said; "this your mouth will not kill you. Is that what I said? Why are you thinking for me? Then I responded like a good girl that I am. "You never sleep on the first day I come back from any trip but I pardoned you because you looked sick and lost all that weight but now that you mentioned the weight, I had to help you put the puzzles together." His response was; "Hey DrO, the good doctor, Doctor make me feel good, I'm not your client, I'm your husband and for running your mouth, I am not stepping out of this house till Monday afternoon and you better not leave this room for a second. Even your father can't save you from this one."

He wasn't kidding, he refused to go anywhere for three days and I even called out if my father's ghost would just show up and tell him not to kill me with kondo. My daddy refused to show up ooo. Anyway, we talk and joke about everything and my husband has never complained about my weight. Even when I was very heavy but coming back home three and a half weeks gave me away just like that. I could have been offended but we don't solve issues like that. We just drop words or joke about things but the other person immediate knows what to do! Then I looked at him yesterday and said; "I lost the extra baggage I brought from Nigeria"'and then he started laughing and told me to come and prove it in the room😜

So when Asabi called me yesterday that her husband was complaining about her weight and she got angry and tongue lashed him, I responded with; "you did what?" And since she did that he's been coming home late and he would not touch her. As a matter of fact, he hasn't had sex or any intimacy with her for four months. Now he stopped eating at home and she's very confused, angry and depression is setting in. What is it going to cost her to shed some weight? Not much, it's just a determination about feeling good first within her body than looking good for herself before the husband. "Weight issues" believe it or not is the cause of many broken homes with some underlay petty issues. If he or she doesn't find you attractive any longer, Ekaette may be rubbing his penis for you. Guard your territory before you start taking medications for all sorts of diseases.

When your spouse begins to call you names that he wasn't calling you, you know an issue or issues are brewing. Don't get mad, just talk about it and find a solution. Find an immediate solution before anything begins to escalate. If you can't do it alone, get help. Relationships especially marriage is about two people and whatever you both sow and invest into it is what you reap. Healthy Living starts from the inside and it radiates to the outward. It's not that difficult, just kick some habits‼️

If you need help kicking some habits, get a Coach to kick your Ass. If you're thinking about how to lose your excess luggage, inbox me. And for all the men I see here with pot-belly and some of you can't even see your own penis anymore, you need help too. Loosing weight is not only a woman thing. The bigger you become the lesser your sex drive. You still want to drill like your college days? BE INTENTIONAL and get HELP. We're about to start a group Cleanse/detox, join the wagon.

Just kick it...

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