Intimate Issues

By Fritz Francis Dagaas

What’s holding you back from having a more intimate, emotional connection with the person you love? God wants you to love and be loved – completely. If you’re looking for the intense passion you’ve always craved but never thought was possible, Intimate Issues is the therapy group you want to be!
Whether you’re a newlywed or you’ve been married for long, Intimate Issues will take you and your partner to new, scintillating sexual heights – and improve every other aspect of your relationship too.

If you want a sex life that makes you want to twist and shout, you are welcome to this exciting forum. Let’s turn up the heat!!!

Dro’s Mission Statement…
My mission is to train, develop and empower individuals that no matter where they have been or heading; freedom and healing can be achieved even from the deepest wounds. Intimate couples are happy couples that produce children who would grow and mature to function as active and responsible members of the community. My triangle of hope is RIB – Reconciling…Impacting…Building. Reconciling through my guidance and counseling programs, Impacting through Charity/Outreach & Mentoring/Coaching, Building through training and teaching programs.

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