About Us

Experience the peaceful journey to wellness without crazy diets or vigorous exercises. My goal is to work with your personal needs by kicking bad habits to achieve optimal health through health and wellness coaching. Today 1 out of 2 adults has a chronic illness. Yet 70% of healthcare costs are related to preventable diseases. With the right education and support, people can improve their health and lifestyle. They just need someone who can show them the way with compassion and non-judgement. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Family Counselor, I will support you with a combination of health coaching styles curated for your specific needs to create habit and lifestyle changes for Total Transformation.

Re-discover your sense of well-being with personalized one-on-one Coaching that nurtures both body and mind. Enjoy the experience that will allow you to achieve calm, relaxation and peace inside and out. DrO is an experienced Counselor, Sex Therapist, Life Coach and Health Coach with multiple modalities to offer you everything from the best detoxification/Cleanse to the Lifestyle Total Transformation programs customized for your individual or group needs. My role is to empower, educate and support you in creating positive change and optimal health, coming from a place of compassion and self-care.